The Prismcertificate is a strategic and hands-on tool for change towards a socially sustainable society. The Prismcertificate offers preschools an online educational course in gender, diversity and equality seen through a norm-critical lens. The staff learns how to promote (gender) diversity and (gender) equality by breaking down stereotypes associated with gender, social background, ethnicity etc.


The Prismcertificate consists of an introductory workshop at the preschool, followed by three online modules operationalizing gender research with Action Learning to empower the staff to act and learn from actions. The structure of the three modules:

Everyday skills

After completing the three Action Learning modules, staff will create their own norm critical ‘Gender Equality Policy’ (GEP) based on their new knowledge and experiences. Central to the GEP is a practice-based implementation of norm critique in all aspects of the preschool’s everyday activities and environment. Hereafter, the preschool receives the Prismcertificate.


Additionally, the preschool can subscribe to the Prismcertificate, and hereby maintain their commitment. Through the subscription, the preschool will receive the quarterly newsletter, which offers the latest intersectional gender research and knowledge put into relation to pedagogical practice. The relevant research is communicated in a practice-oriented and hands-on manner. In addition, the newsletter shares the best practices from other Prismcertified preschools for further inspiration. The subscription also provides telephone counseling every Thursday at 10-12, which means that we can talk together on a weekly basis and we can clarify questions and/or contribute with further inspiration. Lastly, the subscription allows participation in an annual conference for all Prismcertified preschools, where you can ensure ongoing development and focus.


The subscription automatically renews the Prismcertificate each year, and the preschool will be able to continuously be profiled as a norm-critical preschool with a professional approach to gender and norms.

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